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B stands for Books

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AKA the shit I like to read

It's no secret that I *love* books. They're my passion. I spend countless hours every month scouring stores and blowing money on books I don't need. I have way too many to count, but I just can't seem to stop. If I find a book I like, I have to buy it. No if, ands, or buts about it.

 Having said that, I have to make a confession: I don't do a hell of a lot of reading. Okay, okay, I know... that's fucking ridiculous. Stephen King once said, "If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that." And I totally agree--to an extent--which is why I start every book I buy... I just rarely finish one. There are a few reasons, usually because I either get annoyed by something going on or I stop at a place and feel 'complete' and I'm not compelled to go on, but it's true.

I also judge a book by its cover. I think we all do, whether we admit it or not. I can't help it. If I see a book with a gorgeous cover, I absolutely have to have it on my shelf. My favorite covers? The MATCHED series by Ally Condie.

Anyway, yeah, so while I'm a chronic flouncer, there are some books that I couldn't get enough of... books that I devoured in one sitting, books I still can't stop thinking about, books I could read again and again. Here's a list of a few of them ;)

1. The Harry Potter books. I think they go without saying. If you haven't read them, I'm afraid we can't be friends. Get on that shit.
2. Twilight saga. Okay, okay... the writing itself isn't the best, and I'm still trying to come to a point where I can accept that we weren't getting PUNK'D with the last book, but they remain near the top of my list.
3. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I know, it's a huge undertaking, but totally worth it to read all 7 books (8, if you count the one coming out this month). The ending is one of the best in history, IMO.
4. The Demonica series by Larissa Ione. I could never get past the first BDB book, but these I can't get enough of. Sex demons with a hint of humor minus the shit like "blooming cores"... what more could you need?
5. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I was obsessed with the Japanese culture for months afterward.
6. Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. I know, I know... not everyone's cup of tea. It's long and educational, focusing on the history of philosophy (I actually read it for a history class), but it remains one of my favorite books. Pretty mind-blowing.
7. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I had to stop a few times while reading and digest lines because they were so damn beautiful. It's just the first in a series. I cannot wait for the others.
8. Forbidden by Tabitha Sazuma. I know people shy away from this because of the subject matter, it's controversial with the incest theme, but this book absolutely blew me away. I've never cried so hard reading a book before... someday I want to meet the author and thank her for reminding me that the world isn't always so black and white.
9. The Godfather series (basically every book Mario Puzo ever wrote). Come one, are you even surprised? His words are golden.  I also admittedly like Mark Winegardner's "Godfather's Revenge" and "Godfather Returns" (in case you don't know, Winegardner essentially 'fanficed' the Godfather and made a best seller).
10. Room by Emma Donoghue. I know so many people hate this book because it's written from the POV of a child, but I'm still amazed and affected by it a year after reading.

So there you go... there are dozens more that I could talk about, but I'll stop at ten. If you haven't read them, get on that shit. You'll thank me later (or else hate me, whatever lol)


Yes! Books rock... but on my list sits an excellent book about love, power, and freedom... you may have read it. Its called Sempre... now that is what I call writing! Just my

And yes Memoirs of a Geisha was Awesome!!! I also loved Joy Luck Club growing up ;)

lol @elisha1922 def on my top too.

B is for Brilliant list. Very intrigued by Shatter Me. Gonna check it out.

I'm with elisha1922, Sempre, that's what I call incredible writing.
I am going to check out Shatter Me. I love to hear what great writers are reading or recommending, since I love Sempre, I know I will love some of your reading list.

Loved to read your book list - it is always fascinating to see what others read and what books really "sing" to them.

With your interest in humanity, you might like a book called "Not Even My Name" by Thea Halo. It is the true story of her mother's forced removal and her family's death march from her ancestral home by the Turks in WWI (an act which even today causes major political issues & the Turks continue to deny today). The title of the book refers to the fact that her mother was forced into marriage (in order to save her life) and not allowed to keep her name - she was completely renamed when she married an Armenian. It is probably one of my favorite books ever and not well known, so I push it on everyone I can. :) So worth your time.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to give your Demonica Series by Larissa Ione a try. I placed my Amazon book order for the books and I am currently waiting "impatiently" for them to arrive so I can start reading them.

Just knowing that they were a favorite of yours makes it even more enticing.

Btw, a question regarding your "Un-named" sequel. *giggles* You may or may not answer, which I will be fine with. But....By chance are you keeping Vincenzos' fate the same as the original?

It's my only question that has been causing me ulcers. ;o)

Can't wait to see what the sequel's name will actually be. But you can take this to the bank, it will be great and I will be purchasing it as soon as it's available.

XOXO Rhonda (B-Fan)

"B" should be for

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