Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D stands for Donate

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AKA some of my favorite charities

One of my most cherished memories is after I completed my story, when there was an outpouring of people who contacted me about donating to charity to say thanks. Quite a few did just that, and I still have the emails (printed out and in a binder) from the charities about the donations. To know that I touched people so much, that I inspired them to donate their time or money, is a feeling unlike any other. Reviews are awesome. Having people enjoy your work is amazing. But opening eyes and helping to save lives? There are no words for how that feels.

People ask me often what my favorite charity is, and it's hard for me to choose... Sure, I have a soft spot for Love146 (I've personally been donating to them recently), but there are so many others that do spectacular things. So here's a list of some of my favorites... please consider donating to the cause. It doesn't have to be money... just educating yourself, sharing the links with others and spreading knowledge helps saves lives.


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