Monday, April 9, 2012

A stands for Alphabet

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AKA I'm going to blog the fucking alphabet

Okay, so, my blog has been sitting here unused for like a year, and I feel kinda lame about that. I've tried to think of something interesting to blog about, something worthwhile, but I've been coming up blank. Frankly, I think I'm boring, but whatever. It's my blog, so who gives a shit if I bore myself, right? RIGHT? *waits for the world to agree*

So I'm just going to blog the alphabet. I have no idea what the rest of the entries will look like, but expect 25 more blogs about nonsense, with too many curse words and photos that have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm writing about. Like this:

(I started dieting... again... and I would probably cut a bitch for some unhealthy food right now)

and this:

(The people on Twitter alerted me that it's her birthday, so a Kristen GIF seemed appropriate)

So, yeah. A stands for Alphabet... bored yet?


All the letters! Gimme gimme gimme. *makes grabby hands*

Thank you for the laugh :)
You could never be boring!
Looking forward to B lol
love ya

You, boring??!! *raises brow* Not even if you gave it your best shot...which you did here, clearly =P LOL

Nah, you are just naturally funny. Your snore is probably hilarious!

You the bitch. A-fuckin-men. Another A-word and another B-word.

Finally the blog arises! lol Looking forward to B too, and happy birthday to our sweet Kristen <33

not Bored yet.... maybe that would be next B for boring?!?!? nah.... your A should be for AWESOME!!!

lol that yum gif all the time. looking forward to the entire alphabet.

A for this is gonna be Awesome.

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