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E stands for Editing

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AKA I couldn't think of another 'E' word

Editing. Revising. Rewriting... these, my friends, are the dirtiest of dirty words.

I used to love 'editing'. I think some of my best lines and banter came about during the editing process. I'd be reading through a chapter and something would just hit me, and I'd end up adding an entire extra scene. And that's part of the problem... during editing, I'd somehow gain words instead of losing them.

We all know I'm wordy. There's no doubt about it. I can easily crank out hundreds of thousands of words, but taking those words and condensing and narrowing them down to be clear and concise is a struggle for me. I grow attached to every single syllable. And that's why, until recently, I guess I never seriously 'edited'.

Enter: Sempre. Taking a million words worth of material and completely rewriting the plot into a small fraction of that was a big feat for me, but I learned a lot during the process. I learned that adverbs are usually evil. I learned that dialogue tags are usually unnecessary. I learned that a lot of adjectives are useless. And I learned that I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write another first person story with alternating point of views (holy repetition, batman!)

I'm writing a sequel to Sempre right now, which means a lot more editing in my future... real editing, where I have to make srs bsns decisions about what to cut and where to condense and if a scene is REALLY necessary (*struggles to accept it's not ALL necessary*).

Editing. Revising. Rewriting... I hate those fucking words.


I get Excited when I see you talking about the Sempre sequel! Even the editing part you don't like. lol :)

please, please don't edit. you know what they say "BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER. lol.

I am so excited for the sequel, I am going to pee my pants, and that is not a pretty picture.

I don't even want to know about the hours and hours you must have spent on editing Sempre. WOW! And I'm cheering like a kid with her first ice-cream of the summer about the fact that you are writing/editing a sequel!

A sequel? Woo Hooo! Thats the best thing I've heard for ages.

I read top ten sides each day since I started May 1st (some days the rule bends) just because I dont wanna finish it... Cant wait for the sequel 'fast forwarding the future till the sequel comes out'

YAY!!!! SEQUEL!! That's music to my ears!

Oh my gosh!!
I can't believe that I always wanted to be an editor, without really understanding what it meant. I can't think about cutting something, everything is a piece of me when I write! And I do the same thing: read over and over, always finding something to add, instead of cutting off wherever is wrong.
Anyway, I loved EP, I just ended a few weeks ago.I'm from Argentina, so I don't have any possibility to get Sempre in a real book. (Sorry if all this mumble jumbodoen'st make any sense to you).
I just wanted to ask you how many pages does Sempre has and tell you that you are an amazing writer.
Now I'm flying away, like the Blue October song, because I reed 'I am writing a sequel to Sempre right now'...
I wish I could get a hand on it when it's ready.
My email is serafinachaves @ hot mail. com
If you can, please mail me in response

Kisses girl, you are amazing :D

cant wait fr the sequel !!!! waiting with bated breath !!! hope it releases this yr :)..
all the very best ....

SIGH- I loved EP. I loved its wordiness. I loved that it took me a million years to read it. It let me live in its crazy, amazing world that much longer. I knew those people. They existed in my head.

I'm currently reading Sempre, and it was hard for me to get used to at first. It all started really quickly, and it was hard for me to keep track of all these names. (It still is, but it's getting easier. It actually took me a few chapters to realize that Carmine and Dominic were not the same person. "Wait a second, there are two sons?? Oh yeah!") At first I felt like I was getting cheated out of that juicy love story, but now I'm getting used to Sempre as its own entity. It's not EP. The sooner I can accept this and enjoy it, the better for all of us. LOL

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