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G stands for Guilty Pleasures

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aka I probably shouldn't admit to liking this, but...

Guilty pleasures -- things we secretly enjoy that we never breathe a word about publicly, because let's be real... it can be embarrassing... but I'm one that just doesn't care. Really. I don't. Judge me if you want. I'm not going to stop being who I am. I'm not going to stop liking what I like. This is me. Deal with it.

First and foremost, I'm a reality TV junkie. If it's "reality" and it's on TV, chances are I'm all over it.
Real Housewives, X-Factor, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, Jersey Shore... the list goes on and on. My favorite by far has to be Big Brother.

(I love the hell out of Jordan... and Jeff)

My summers are totally consumed by the Big Brother house. And then there are these crazy ladies:

Which I think is no surprise to anyone, given my fascination with organized crime. In fact, one of the very first reality shows I started watching revolved around a Mafia family.

And the there's music... ahhhh, music. I love all music, but I have a weak spot for cheesy pop (can we say Britney Spears?). Closest to my cheesy pop music loving heart, though, are guys like these:
(I still know how to do this dance)

Yes, I love boy bands. It started when I was 14 and it'll probably continue until I'm 104. Their music is catchy... you're lying if you say you don't know at least one song by one of these groups.

And finally, there's my love of the YA genre. I love Twilight. I love Harry Potter. Nothing anyone says will ever change my mind. The books, the movies, the entire communities surrounding them... LOVE IT.

I can't think of anything else. What are your guilty pleasures?


well, I sure don't have as many as you. My guilty pleasures are reading. mob stories, undercover, FBI, suspense, drug traffic, smugling, etc. BDSM, you name it, if it keeps you on the edge of your chair, I love it. I also love any thing Rob, I don't care what or where, just Rob. I hate reality shows, actually I don't care for tv much anymore, I think most of it sucks, of course unless Rob is there.

I feel you nobody really knows how excited and happy I'am that Big Brother is starting soon it takes over my whole summer from showtime after dark to jokersupdates can't wait.

Oh my, I really don't think your guilty pleasures are so bad. I, for the longest times, refused to admit to people my absolute love, love, loves of all things Twilight--books, movies, FanFiction. If it's Twilight, I all over it. Best part is, I left the YA era many, many, years ago. Peeking out through my fingers, I must confess an absolute obsession with anything RP or KS. Yeah, just saying.

I am a trained professional and employed as such, but several times people have commented on my taste in music. Yeah, head-banging, big hair metal bands of the 80's, grunge rock music, and now totally taken with Alternative Rock. I still love the excitement of the open air, rock concert. I used to watch alot of reality TV--could not get enough of the Housewifes of NYC or NJ, and never missed an episode of Growing Up Gotti. I have read the Godfather, and watched the entire Godfather movies so many times, I can do dialogue. I often quote from the movies, just how sad is that! LOL However, now I am sooooooo obsessed with FanFiction, I cancelled my cable subscription.

At one time I rabidly watched CSPAN, MSNBC or anything political with a definite liberal slant.

Yep, I guess that's it, unless I mention that I used to watch the weather channel for hours on end. Yeah, I decided I really needed to get a life once I admitted that to myself.

Ohhhh guilty pleasures. :) I have to admit to loving Backstreet Boys. I think that's how I know you're close in age to me. :) I've been to two of their concerts, and I kid you not-- the guys waved at me and my friend. We saw their silhouettes in the entrance tunnel to the stadium and started waving and jumping up and down, and they freaking waved at us. We were the only ones who were freaking out, so we know it was us. Haha. :P We still joke about that.

I also loved Britney Spears. I still like her, but not as much as I used to. My 4 y/o sings "Hit me baby one more time" and it's hilarious. I have to catch her on tape sometime. (Just aged myself there, who says "on tape" anymore?)

I guess my biggest guilty pleasure is my "romance" aka smut collection. I prefer paranormal romance. I guess it all started with Twilight. I love the Harry Potter series, read the 50 Shades trilogy, Hunger Games, etc...

I love Project Runway. I used to watch Big Brother, but I haven't been able to keep up with all the shows since we got rid of our DVR. It's just too much! I love me some True Blood too. Vampire Diaries, Fringe...

Oh! My other guilty pleasure-- wine. A smutty book and a bottle of Moscato, Chardonnay or White Merlot... happy me. :)

Hahaha, I just saw this on Pinterest, and how could I not think of you?

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