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Book Giveaway

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I have an extra copy of my novel "Sempre (Forever)" that I really don't need on my bookshelf. So instead of getting bored and cutting it up and making something random out of it, like book flowers or paper cranes or a hidden flask compartment (lol, I'm actually tempted), I'll give it away to one of you lovely folks.

Winner receives a signed copy of the book and swag (button, bookmark, sticker, whatever else I may have on hand at the moment)

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog and tell me why I should give it to you. That's it. I'll pick an entry number via a random online generator (your comment # is your entry #) to give the book away, so it's an even playing field.

To make it fun, I'll throw in a second signed copy of the book to whoever leaves the most creative comment. So make me laugh, inspire me, tell me a story, tell me something about yourself, whatever you want to say, and I'll personally pick one of you.

I'll ship them anywhere, so it's open internationally. One entry per person, please.

Giveaway is open for 48 hours, until Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 at 11:00 pm eastern daylight time.


Why should you give it to me? Because I'm awesome. And I think I'm the first to comment. No, honestly since i already have a signed copy, if I won another copy, I would donate it to our local library so you could have a copy circulating in podunk Alabama. :)

You should give it to me because I only have the e-book and I would love a treasured paper copy of your words with your signature. Your story moved me and I would be honored to place a copy front and center on my bookshelf.

I think Sempre is an amazing story & I fell in love with Carmine & Haven!! I would love to have a copy of Sempre to add to my book shelf & have it available to read at anytime!!! I hope I can win the signed copy!!! :-)

Why do I think I should win? Because I've been a fan all the way back since the start of EP. You don't know me, but I'm so proud of what this has become and that so many people are loving it as much as I do. I live in New Zealand and have found it extremely difficult to find a hard copy of the book (just have eBook) so I'd love to get my hands on this and spread the word of your amazing work <3

You should give it to me because I'm not against giving sexual favors to have a signed copy....LOL I tried to bid on one in an auction but was outbid and couldn't afford to go higher :( I LOVE this book so much and would be honored to have a signed copy.

This is the best book i've read in a long long time. I'm from Chile so as you can imagine, we don't have Sempre in our country but! my lovely and awesome friend bought it online and gave it to me for my birthday, BEST GIFT EVER! I love the story, the way that Haven and Carmine love each other, how they fought for their love and how they never give up in their relationship and also i love how much you love One Direction. Thank you for this book i love it

I want a signed copy so that someday when you're an astronomically famous author (which I know you will be), I can show people my super amazing AUTOGRAPHED book and have some bragging rights. :) Seriously though, I have the e-book and I would be honored to have a signed physical copy of Sempre to put on my bookshelf.

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I want it because I feel like its a beautiful story I read it when it was a fanfic and unfortunately not even amazon can send it to El Salvador which sucks because ppl of the world should read this book so they'll be more aware of the kind of thing that happens everyday that we don't even known. I feel in love with story, It was so well written and very eye opening to me, made me see thing with a different perspective. I would love to get the chance to read the new version that J.M. Darhower wrote because i'm 100% that is just as good, if not even much better, than the EP one.I love how it made me feel so many feeling while reading it, is so easy to connect w the characters and feel like you know them and feel what they feel.

thank you for this giveaway.

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Hi, Im so trhilled dude. I really want that copy of Sempre why?, first of all, I wanna buy it, but now im a poor student, a nurse student with 0 pesos, you know? Im doing my ultimate practice in CHILOE, is a big island to the south of CHILE, full of magic and mithologhycal stories, is insane... so, im trying to said that im wanna sempre in paper, and here in the ass of the world is kind of impossible do it in a book story, I mean... so sad. And, I not liying I swear, today I told to my collegue friend, who is doing the practice with me, how much I like SEMPRE, Is crazy, she told me that she want to read it, but is bad..... baaad in english, so I promise to told her the story later, because I love how this story make you realize the important in life.

Men, is I win this book, Im gonna be a poor student very very happy, and my patients gonna be happier, you know?

Love to you, srly. Your history make my day, when my days are dark. That sound so chessy, but its al true. Im no ashamed of that.

Kisses for Chile, you have many many fans of SEMPRE here, believe me.
pd. I hope my english is better than yesterday, sorry for the mistakes.
pd2: I want to win this copy so badly dude - fangirl mode-

So I can give it to my dearest friend who has a birthday coming up and has been wanting to read it for some time now. It was on her summer reading list and then her summer went to shit so she never got to it. And she loves NSYNC. Insanely. And.... she read and adored Pinky Swear. And I feel bad trying to win this for her what am I doing ANYWAY I know as soon as she meets Corrado that whore of a friend of mine will be sucked in so fast she won't know what came over her... no pun intended.

Do you know when you're trying to think of something clever to say to try to convince a person you do not know and who lives thousands of miles away from you that you deserves to win a book? well, this is me.
I'd love to win the book because I accompanied #Sempre since the book was released as a fanfic, I cried and smiled, angust myself and expected what would happen on the next page and also I was very happy when I heard it eventually would become a book, but of course with the luck that I have, here in Brazil no publisher expressed interest in publishing it until now, so this would be a wonderful opportunity to finally have it in my hands :-D

Sorry, my english is bad =S

Pick me because I had a signed copy of Sempre and reluctantly let my mom borrow it to read, since I wouldn't shut up about it...sadly it came back to me damp and smelling of mold she dropped it in her tub while reading it ='( I have told my son about this story since it was EP and still a wip, leaving out the harsher details. The postcard that came with my book are on my refrigerator and when people ask about the "slavery " my son tells them all about it. <3 so please pick me thanks!

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Title: The Sempre (Forever) Giveaway
By: Deebelle1

Chapter1: Me, Me, Me!
It was a cold and dreary night many moons ago when I discovered a teeny-tiny little fan fiction called EP—Oh who the hell am I kidding. It was a doozy, a whopper, a life changing story using characters I loved to spread an important message. I didn't live in a shoe box, but human trafficking was not something I'd ever heard really talked about.
You opened my eyes to a reality that I couldn't and still can't comprehend. Why would people do this to other people? Why weren't we made more aware of these things happening in the world when we watched the news? How could my fellow mankind commit such senseless acts against themselves? To this day I still wonder about this.
My heart broke for all these characters you created. I coveted your words of fiction, but still didn't know much about the real cause until you had finished what I consider to be one of the most spellbinding works I've ever read.
When you committed what some call a taboo choice of pulling to publish, I cheered. I knew that your words would help open many more people's eyes to an unknown reality that exists in the world we live in. It meant that you, yourself were going to have a means to help a cause that was close to your heart. How could anyone question the impact you could make? I certainly didn't and couldn't wait to buy the book so I could contribute, even in the smallest of amounts, to help find an free these innocent people.
But by the time the book had been published, I'd lost my job and my husband ended up in the hospital. All "fun money" had disappeared and I had to focus on my family. Times became even tougher and I couldn't help when I really wanted to. Especially since I really wanted to see how you reworked and condensed such an epic saga.
Which leads me to this contest. I finally have a chance to get my grubby little hands on your book. I feel like I've learned so much from you and this cause that you've brought to all of our attentions. I rejoice with you when I see stories of the raids and rescues. I smile when I see the difference you've made not just in my life, but in so many others who were just as unaware as I'd been. To see celebrities who are now more aware as well and also continue to spread the message you first introduced me to.
Even if I don't win, I just felt you should know that you touched me with your words and made me more aware of life outside my simple little world. I'll still continue to follow your words even if I don't win...Sempre.

Oh geez, you're going to make us work for this. I can't really say why I'm more deserving than anyone else. I'm simply a fan. I love the story as a fanfic and I love it as it as a novel. Never before had a fic affected me so much. A break was needed towards the end because I had become so wrapped up these character's lives. I still ended up crying like a little bitch, as I imagine Carmine would say. You took characters from another story, made them your own, and created a moving, touching piece of work. I'd never given much thought to human trafficking before but I'm alert to it now. While tragic and saddening, I thank you for opening my, and many others, eyes to that world.

Um, I think I deserve the book because it costs 1595 bucks in my country and it's very hard to get it too. I'm saving up for it, but that way I'll get it only after a year and I want to read it soooooo bad. I think I've read EP about a 100000 times.And Principessa,a million times. And Alec's novella 2 million times.And I may or may not be the crazy girl who keeps sending fan mail to your Gmail.;)
Hope you find me deserving.

I love Carmine!!! We are like milk and cookies. Like peanut butter & jelly. It would be so ... GREEN! <3

I adore your book I loved the fan fic. You're an amazing writer!!! an inspiration.

Dear Jess:

Why do I deserved that signed copy? Because I'm holding in ransom 4 bottles of GG Cherry Noir, and gonna get blind of doing that hummingbird beaded bracelet for you. Lol.

Being serious, I'll wait until you're here for you to sign my copy. Just want it to make you laugh a little.

You're a talented and wonderful writer, friend, mother and daughter.


Adriana aka candysky186

I think I should get the book because I shared it with 5 friends, paying it forward, loved the book!!!

i know i never win this stuff but its worth a short just to get a chance at winning a signed copy of this amazing book.

my copy has been read and reread that many times that im surprised it hasn't fallen apart on me. just like the Fan fic it has kept me awake many nites just reading!! Love it to bits :)

Why should I win a copy of your book? The only autographed book that I have is by Dr Harry Cooper who is a vet on Australian tv. And its not even dedicated to me but to my cat as well! I would love to have something that's all for me. It would make my year.

Something’s gotta give now
'Cause I’m dying just to make you see
That I need Sempre here with me now
'Cause you've got that one thing

So, get down, get down, get it down off the shelf
And put it into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing

You know what I want...::wink wink:: I want that one thing......Sempre!

After fifteen minutes of hyperventilating, screaming, running all over the house, and fangirling… here I go!

Hey there! Why should I win this contest? Easy! Because I’m your BIGGEST fan eveeeer! (Ok, I’m losing myself again…breathe, go to eat your Toblerone and your sip or Goose.)

Ok, now for real.

You’ve created not only the best story of all but you also wrote about something that maybe everybody thought was abolished many years ago. Thousands of Haven live somewhere trying just to survive each day waiting to be the last day of their hell and not living each day like the last day of their beautiful lives. Slavery IS a problem in our society, and you made us see it as one…

I have my Sempre e-book (which I read in 32 hours, 12 minutes and 20 seconds… not that I’m counting) and I would love to have the book in my shelf next to my books of Austen. Yep, you’re at THAT level.

Thank you for giving Toblerone, Grey Goose, Nike, Cherry Coke, Italian Cream Cake, Chopin, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Blue October an even monopoly a new meaning. Thank you for hours of laughing with Carmine, for all those tears I shared with Haven. Thank you for making me realize that freedom comes also from mind. Thanks for being the reason I’m a writer too. Yes, you moved me, inspired me, and without even knowing pushed me to follow my dreams.

Crossing all the fingers I have in my body in order to win.


I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about your writing. I was rather later late to the party so to speak with regard to FanFiction; however, not to late to get the opportunity to read your FanFiction, EP. To say the least, I was totally blown away. No matter how many times I read, EP, I find myself sobbing at the same passages each time, and no matter how many times I read the fic, it seems as if I have discovered or understand a passage more clearly. Of course, once Sempre was released, I just had to have it. It now rests comfortably in my Kindle along side of EP. I follow you on twitter, and get so excited when I note that you are faithfully working on the sequel. Yep, just cannot wait to read that. My wish is that one day your book will be brought to the "Silver Screen". It is a story that just screams to be told. Reading by the masses seems to be on the upswing; however, some people do not find the joy or the time to in read, and if another media outlet is able to get the message out with regard to human trafficking, all the better.

I was first drawn to your story because it was a "mob style" fiction--I am absolutely obsessed with the "Godfather" series after having first read the book. Needless to say--mafia story, love story, and intriguing plot--yep EP and eventually Sempre has everything. I have to admit, that I originally thought human trafficking was actually a "third world" nation problem. Now, after reading your fiction and subsequent book, I did more research on the internet, and obviously have discovered to my chagrin that indeed human trafficking is alive and thriving in the USA. It is no longer, if it ever was, simply a "third world nation" problem, but a world wide problem.

While I was telling a work colleague about your story and book, I learned that she is involved with a church group that concentrates on travelling the US attempting to educate the US citizens of the dangers of human trafficking and informing them just how prolific it is here in the US. Some many issues are reported on ad nausuem in the media, but this issue seems to fly under the radar.

I truly wish to congratulate you on putting such effort into getting the word out with regard to his heinous problem. Also, I wanted to let you know that I find you to be an amazing writer, and I truly look forward to when you release the sequel.

I obviously do not need another copy of Sempre, but this seemed like an ideal opportunity for me to let you know how your writing has affected me. I have been an epic fail, since I should have written reviews for the original FanFiction story, but at the time I was a little hesistant to put my thoughts into words. Now I simply say WTF.

Thank you again for sharing your beautiful words.

I absolutely loved the fanfic version and know all of the work it took for you to turn it into an original work. And it helped open my eyes to a situation that most, including myself, didn't know still existed.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Well, because Sempre is more than just fanfic-turned-book. You've put a lot of work into it, reworking the story, and I'd love to read the new one. Plus, I never win these things. Usually book give aways are limited to US residents. I live in Sweden... :(

I would love a copy because I seem to be the only person who has not read your novel. Not for a lack of trying, though! I'm dying to read it with how everyone raves about it! :o)

Oh my gosh! This was one of my favorites fanfics. I don't think I have ever cried that much! I'm more than anxious to read the book, but, as I live in Brazil (yay) it's kind of complicated to do it. I don't have THAT luck in this kind of book giveaways, and that's why I never fill anything. But in this case, I REALLY WOULD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TO WIN IT!! :) *okay... I'm having a fangirl moment right now! LMAO*
And thank you so much for this worlwide giveaway! All the fans around the world will thank you forever! =)

This is not a comment so that you would chose to give the book to me. I'm leaving this comment here to express what your story made me feel and there's a good chance you'll read it.

'Emancipation Proclamation' was one of the first fanfics I read. I was still at an age when naivete and ignorance are not only bliss. At seventeen, though I should not have started reading your story, I was captivated by the summary. When I opened the link for the first chapter I expected a fairytale. Something about a young, sad prince falling in love with a girl that was supposed to be his slave. Trully, that's what I expected. World was still full of rainbows and sunshine for me. And then it turned out the prince wasn't perfect. And it seemed that the girl wasn't nly unreachable but unnattainable as well. Her fear crushed me. Her hopelessness tagged at my heart. And when she put all her trust in him, the rough prince who was only gentle with her I believed everything would be alright.

What you did next, how you twisted their fate, brought happiness and sorrow together to weave their tale, all the ups and the downs, all the 'I love you's and the separations tought me much more than I would have learned at school. I learned about loyalty, about putting someone else first, about respect, about forgiveness and love. So much love that prevailed over powers and enemies stronger than our heroes could deal with morst times.

I also learned truths about the world that horrified me. As I said above, I was much too innocent and ignorant when I started reading EP. But to learn how the world works in sich a violent and punishing way for the sake of power and money opened my eyes. In my opinion, this was the best way for me to see this other face of reality that sometimes is being hidden behind transparent veils.

'Sempre' is a story fantastically written with characters that win you over even with their abrassive and callous personalities. Any critic and expert could tell you that. What I want to tell you, in all my simple words and still much too ignorant mind, is thank you for sharing this story with the world. Even if it is fictional in it's entirety, it's much more truthful than anything I've read. I have always appreciated the harsh truth over some comforting lie. From all the fanfics ever written EP was the most deserving to turn into a published masterpiece. Congratulations for your great work and I hope you will continue writing because really you've got huge talent.


I just want to thank you for your contribution to the Fandom Fights Tsunami Compilation. It's a beautiful piece, like everything else you have written and I love.

Oh, and I wouldn't complain if I got a copy! :)

I am posting a comment because the only way I will win is if my comment is the auto generated number. I can't compete with the people who live outside the USA.....I am just south of you in Georgia. I am not into One Direction, but I was the biggest New Kids on the Block fan (yes...I'm 43) if that helps. I never knew what fan fic was until April, but was recommended Sempre on Goodreads and fell in love with it. I would have a crush Carmine, but since he is the same age is my son and I don't consider myself a pedophile I fell hard for Nick....I can forgive him for his sins :) I try earnestly to pimp out your book on GR, Amazon and BN plus to all my friends here.

XXing my fingers for the number pull....thanks for putting this out for us! Good luck with the #unnamedsequel - holding my breath for Corrado's speedy recovery!

I absolutely loved this book and the reason I want this copy is not for myself. I am very passionate about spreading awareness about human trafficking and I bow down to you for what you have done with this book. By telling such a story you are opening the eyes of so many people who may be unaware of the situation as it is today. So, I would like to share your book, I would like to open the eyes of those around me and at the same time, I would like them to fall in love with the characters in this book just as I did. You told a story about human trafficking but within that you weaved a beautiful story of love, of hope, of survival and this is not something I want to keep to myself, it's something I want to share.

Hi, so I saw that you were doing a giveaway on Twitter and decided, hey what do I have to loose? Anyway, so you want to know, why I of all people deserve to get one of these two signed copies? Well, I could either answer by talking about how I have been a huge fan, from the time you were a fan fiction writer and had no reviews (I actually joined the wagon when you had a little over 800) or I could use reverse psychology and tell you all the reason why I DON'T deserve to win (even when I completely think I do...) or maybe even specifically time my comment, so the odds of winning are somehow in my favour (no I did not spell that word wrong...I'm canadian, we add a 'u' to everything...). But im not one to follow a trend... So I am going to be COMPLETELY BLUNT and HONEST about why I deserve a copy (and hope you don't get offended...:P)

Truth is, you owe me. That's right, YOU owe ME. You're probably thinking "what the fuck is she talking about?". But that's just the fact of the matter, you owe me. You owe me for all the times I had to sit on the computer, past midnight to catch up on school work, because instead of being in class, I was in the Starbucks across the street reading Emancipation Proclamation. Or for all the times my mom would come home and yell because she told me to do 10 different things, before she got home and I did none of them, because I was absolutely engrossed in my iPad, reading Sempre. Or maybe, because I now have a new found obsession with Harry Styles, because you tweeted him on behalf of Shear Envy, once and I got curious and conducted a Google search...

So, with that being said, I really really really really want a signed copy and think it's the least you could do for ruining my life during your fanfiction days, ruining it again after Sempre was released and ruining it a third time when you introduced me to One Direction.
That is all,
thank you for your time,
Aamna R

Why should I win?

Because I haven't read this version before. I absolutely love Emancipation Proclamation and simply adored it and I know this version will be perfection.

And also because I'm a horribly poor college student. Leisurely items, such as books (excluding textbooks), would be detrimental to my wallet.

Hi :)
When I first started reading this story, it was still EP. I don't remember who recommended it to me but I am most thankful that they did.
I was brought up in a cocoon of sorts; so drastically shielded from the world. And then this story opened my eyes to the horrors. I won't lie - I hated you for making me feel all the things. I hated the story for tearing my heart into pieces and stomping allover the pieces for good measure.
And then one day I realized that I loved it for the same reasons. I don't know how or when, but I did.
I remember reading about only 20 chapters and bawling my eyes out. I remember calling up my best friend, meeting her at a library, sitting on the carpeted floor and telling her everything about it in hushed voices and frantic heartbeats.
I remember calling her up after every update and both of us crying/screaming/generally going asdjdhfoadfihfqefp WHAT EVEN for hours.
The story brought us closer, in a way. She was my backbone. She still is.
When I heard about the publishing, I couldn't have been happier. Mostly because I knew that most people would not touch fanfic with a ten foot pole, and by making the story mainstream, you were giving it a chance to change lives, just like it changed mine. To break hearts and stomp allover them and make people love that experience. To open eyes to all the horror with such conviction and resolve to be the change.
And at the end of the day, it's a beautiful story. There is beauty in pain, hope in sorrows and dreams in the ruins - YOU taught me that. Your story taught me that.
I couldn't order Sempre from where I live, and I remember crying over it. And then there was ANOTHER friend, who lives in a different continent, who ordered an autographed copy for me as a birthday gift. This person I have never met was so kind to me. This young girl spent money from her part time job, not on her college fund, but in buying and shipping that book to me. I was lucky that I had someone so kind walk into my life because of fanfic.
My best friend, however, wasn't so lucky. She still hasn't read Sempre, and she refuses to borrow my copy. She's determined she will figure out how to buy her own, because it's so special to her. But even if she does, it will not be autographed. So this is me, trying for her. This is me, taking a chance, so this beautiful girl can have a signed copy of something that means so much to her. And her birthday is coming up, so... :)
I devoured Sempre in a day and I could not be more moved. It changed me, forever. I didn't think anything could be better than EP, but with all the changes and additions and POV change, you made it something utterly perfect.
I want my best friend to have that experience too.
And whether or not I win, I'm glad I tried. :)
Just...thank you. For being who you are, for relentlessly spreading awareness about human trafficking, for writing a story that has touched a million hearts. We all love you. And I have faith that someday Sempre will get all the recognition it deserves.
Much love,

I JUST got here, and I'm scared that time is almost up!! *waving arms frantically* So, I can't write down all the poems, I've been meaning to dedicate to you!!!! BOO HISS! (They were tear-jerking, btw)...anyway, I absofreakinlutely love the book as any other fan, and a copy of it -- in my own hands, my own unworthy hands, holding it and EVERYTHING, will shoot me up to sacred Cloud 9! Goodness, it'll even make me forget the food cravings I have! <-- That's how you know it's Tru Wuv!!

Okay, I really want a copy of Sempre because although I have one on my kindle when I really love a book I want the hardcopy and of course who doesn't want the author to sign said copy? I know it's lame, but it's honest.

I haven't read Sempre because I live in Turkey and I can't find the book anywhere here. But I really really loved EP so much. And I want to read Sempre from pages. I wanna hold it and even hug it lol.

Oh and I'll always adore your writing! <3

So, I've been trying to think all weekend of a creative response so that you would pick me to receive your book. I couldn't really come up with anything, so I thought I'd just tell the truth...pure and simple.

I've been a reader of your fan fiction for a long time and have enjoyed every second of each story. Your stories just take me away from life and allow me a little "me time." I'm a poor full time college student with no job at the moment and no money to do much else but read. So I am a staple at my local library. I've had this book on my amazon wish list since it came out but can't really afford to buy it at the moment. I have read your other version of this book, but I really would like a version I could share with people (so that they don't know I read Twilight ff LoL ;))

That's pretty much it. Reading is my favorite past time and I would really like to get my hands on this book! It would just make my year! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read,

So I saw this on Twitter and I said to myself, “You know what? I shall contribute because Jess has changed my life for the better with this story.” So here I am writing to you, and telling you once again THANK YOU! Yes, I read Sempre back when it was EP. But even then I was a little late to the party. I kept seeing my timeline on Twitter mentioning EP and I thought to myself ‘why is everyone talking about a single (music)?’ but then of course I was introduced to this great story that took me out of my world and brought me to a whole new one that was very realistic.

Yes of course I was aware of human trafficking (in other countries of course) but never aware of how grave it was in our own. It made me take a step back and ask ‘why’. Why would anyone do this to a human being? I just didn’t understand it. Oh and not to mention you kind of freaked me out at the time because I was new to living in Chicago when I was reading EP. And I was in the Lincoln Park area everyday!

But I fell in love with this story. I fell in love with these characters. I essentially fell in love with your writing. You are a magnificent writer who has brought many to an awareness that they thought was long over with. After reading your story I have taken my time to research about human trafficking especially in the states with LOVE146 and Not For Sale (which would have never had happened if it wasn’t for your guidance). I have even brought the situation up with a few students. To see their response when I tell them it still exists they are astound. They have even taken time to become more aware themselves.

This book isn’t just a love story that has to deal with the mob and slavery; this book is a life changer that opens our eyes to the fact that even in our own communities, human beings are being exploited for financial gain and subjected to so much cruelty. I thank you so much for everything. You are a magnificent writer, a great person to follow on Twitter (seriously you and Shear Envy crack me up all the time), a great mother (from what I see on Twitter), and a great daughter. I will continue to share your story with others. I will continue to wait for the unnamed sequel, and I will continue to thank you whenever I can for sharing your story. Thank you.

Priscilla R.

I love love the book and would love a signed copy.

Wow, you have fans from everywhere. Well, I'm here to represent Asia. I'm from the Philippines! And the first and last thing I ever won was a microwave. No offense to that wonderful piece of technology, which is still inside the box and hasn't been touched since I won it, but I'm really more of a book kind of girl than the microwave kind. I'd be honored to get a signed copy of your book. (I wasn't even aware it was a fanfic before it got published! I had to look up what "EP" stood for.)

I'm here in Florida, and I absolutely loved Sempre (Forever). I would treasure a signed copy and force my future children and grandchildren to pass it down through the generations. Or else they get haunted.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Man what can I say... I feel like I wanna jump Carmine and take him home for all myself to keep and snuggle with! Truthfully I really want a signed copy sooooo super, duperly, badly so I can jump around and stare at your signature forever!

I want!!!!Putz ... tell me that time has stopped and is still Sunday, September 23 ... ok ... crazy even trying, because even my english sucks ... I will continue here, awaiting publication in Brazil .. .

i know its crazy.. to even try to get a copy now..pls if you have a copy..send one to me..finished the e-book today..atleast i've tried :)

Well, if this contest in still going...

I LOVED your book the minute I first laid my eyes on it!!! I have to admit, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I first picked it up. BUT, I LOVED IT... EVERY single letter that formed a word, sentence and paragraph!!! I felt like I was wrapped in the world that you created, like I was a part of it. BEAUTIFUL.
I appreciate that you chose to write about this topic because let's face it, no one really talks about it... But I'm glad that you are bringing more attention to it with your creativity.
I loved how both Carmine and Haven GREW in this book. How they developed as actual human beings... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
I originally read this book in June, and like I mentioned before, I wasn't sure at first. A friend of mine read it several months before then and she told me about it... I thought, what's the worst that could happen? and you know what the worst was, I fell in Love with it... So much so, that it's been 4 months and I'm still thinking about your characters and all that they have lived thru and experienced... EVERY single character! It brought out so many of my emotions out, that it kind of scared me...
Anyways, Thank you for being an amazing author and sharing your work with us... Thank you for what you have created and gifted to us!!!
So, would I like a copy of this book, ABSOLUTELY... I have an e-copy of your book, but an actual paper book would be awesome to add to my collection of books that I adore and cherish!!!

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