Wednesday, October 31, 2012

L stands for Lincoln

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AKA The 16th President
NOT the Car
Although, okay, the car is pretty badass, and one does make a cameo in #TheUnnamedSequel, but this is definitely about the president.

I'm a political junkie. I admit it. Politics are my drug of choice. I'm a die-hard liberal, probably about as far left on the political spectrum as you can get. Those little online quizzes often tell me I'm more liberal than our president, who gets heat for being 'crazy liberal', but I digress. That's just me. It's what I believe. I'm a staunch Obama supporter. I adored Bill Clinton and still do. I even like Jimmy Carter and admire his charitable work. I'll tell anyone who listens. I align myself with the Democratic Party and disagree probably 99% of the time with the current elected Republicans.

But my favorite president of all time is a Republican. Yep. Abraham Lincoln. If I could meet any person, dead or alive, and have just a simple conversation with them, it would be him. He absolutely fascinates me. He came from a poor background and ran a store. He was sensitive (hated hurting animals, even for food, and had a bunch of pets) and suffered from depression. He used to store his things in his big hat instead of in his pockets. He wasn't religious, didn't go to church, but he was spiritual--they supposedly used to hold seances in the White House to talk to their passed on loved ones.

Also? He kinda maybe sorta had a psychic side. Seriously. He used to tell his wife that he'd sometimes see two reflections in the mirror, a double reflection of himself, one clear and one blurry. He mused that he thought it might mean he survived his first term but wouldn't survive his second. in 1865 he told a group of friends about a dream he'd had, that he was laying in bed and heard crying in the White House, so he searched and searched until he made it to the East Room. In the room he saw a coffin guarded by soldiers and a bunch of mourners. He asked who died, and one of the soldiers replied "The President. He was killed by an assassin." Less than a week after telling that story, Lincoln was assassinated.

Freaky, right?

So, yeah, this humble, kinda depressed, non-religious, maybe psychic Republican fascinates me. Not only because of personal things, but the political ones, too. I won't bore you by going into details, but of course, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment top the list.

It's strange, seeing how much politics have changed the past century and a half, the political parties unrecognizable from their former selves.

There's a Lincoln movie coming out soon (a little over two weeks from today... November 16th). Go see that bitch. I know I will.

Or, really, go buy a Lincoln Continental. Whatever. Both are quite awesome lol.


Great post! I love it. I didn't know a lot about Lincoln, except for the well known facts. Very interesting, thank you, Ms. J.

Who was President Lincoln?

Please don't be a victim of the myth that the Civil War was fought over slavery. While slavery is reprehensible...

Warm Regards,

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