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Sequel teaser

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Been promising this all day, so without further ado... Corrado sex scene!
(FYI: This is from the first draft and may not appear in the actual book) 

Corrado led her to the bed and slowly, carefully stripped her out of her clothes, caressing every inch of bare skin. He took his time, not stopping until she was writhing beneath him, arching her back as she yearned for more than just his light touch.
His lips found her skin, licking and sucking on the bare flesh, leaving small red splotches across her chest. Moving further down, Corrado gripped her hips and locked her in place on the bed as he spread her legs. He trailed wet kisses up her inner thighs, nipping at the sensitive skin with his teeth, before reaching her aching center. He savored it, licking and touching, caressing and tasting, while she moaned and shivered from built-up desire.
Her hands made their way into his hair, tugging on the dark curls as a silent plea for more friction. Corrado knew her cues, knew her needs and desires better than he even knew his own. He gave her exactly what she wanted and it didn’t take long before her legs started to tremble, her body shaking as if caught in an earthquake. Orgasm rocked her body not once but twice, waves of pleasure hitting her back to back as she called out his name in a choked voice.
He pulled his lips away from Celia once her body grew calm again. She relaxed back into the bed, still panting. A tinge of pink covered her body from head to toe, her breasts heaving as she took in deep breaths of air. Corrado watched her for a moment as he reached into his pants and pulled out his throbbing erection, memorizing the look of her—her hair messy and splayed out on the bedspread, her eyelids heavy with lust. He drank in every drop, every freckle and every curve, as he stroked himself in his palm.
“What’s gotten into you?” she asked breathlessly, gazing up at him.
“A need.”
“What kind of need?”
“A need to get into you,” he whispered, leaning down to kiss her mouth. He nipped at her bottom lip, eliciting a loud moan from her throat. The sound rocked through him, consuming every inch of his body with a fiery passion.
He didn’t even undress. He didn’t have a moment to spare. He needed her, would die without her. Maybe not physically, but emotionally… his connection with Celia was his last piece of humanity, the last bit inside of him that really felt alive. They were far from a normal couple—he a savage murderer, she a woman who harbored secrets no woman should know, but together, and alone, it felt like they were untainted and whole.
Corrado pushed inside and filled her completely, her warmth enveloping him as she tossed her head back. He kissed the dip in her throat before finding her lips, their tongues mingling together as he started pounding into her fervently. His strokes were deep and hard, over and over, as he lost himself inside of her before pulling back away. It was passionate and powerful, an agonizing pleasure that struck down to the bone, one that left a mark deep inside of his dark soul.
Celia’s cries were loud, bordering on screams of ecstasy, as he gave her every ounce of himself he had left to give. He held nothing back as his hips slammed into hers, forcing her legs further apart with each deep thrust. She tore at his clothes, ripping them away as she clawed at his back, her fingernails digging into his skin. It burned as she scratched his flesh, drawing blood to the surface, but the pain only spurred him on.
He kissed her long and hard until neither one of them could breathe; then he groaned into her neck as he slid in and out of her again and again. He could feel the pressure building inside of him, slow and heavy, forcing its way from the pit of his stomach out through his limbs. Tingling shot down his spine before his body let loose, a strangled growl reverberating from his chest. It was feral and laced with a ferocity he could hardly contain, but with her, he did. For her, he did it. He kept it pushed back, forced down inside of him, the beast not allowed out to play.
Slowing his thrusts, he spilled inside of her before stopping his movements completely. Celia laid beneath him, clinging to him tightly, her nails practically embedded into his back as she panted, the two of them sticky and soaked with sweat.
They stared at each other for a while as her hands slid up his back. She twirled the curls at the nape of his neck with her fingers as her lips twisted into a mischievous smile. “We should shower,” she said.
He shook his head. “I’m nowhere near done getting you dirty yet.”

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"I'm nowhere near done getting you dirty yet" DAAYYYMMNNN!

I'm so excited for the sequel. Thank you for sharing this with us x

WOW! Cold, alof Corrado can be scorching hhhooottttt!!!! I'm gonna play close attention to him in Sempre 2!!

I'm turning on my air-conditioner in mid-winter because of Corrado! What a thrill chill!

I cannot wait for the sequel!! Thank you for the teaser!!

Just.. speechless! That was hot. Your an amazing writer. Sometimes you read moments and they don't really have detail so you cant picture it, but with you I can. Thank you for this teaser, only makes me want more. AMAZING.

xoxo - Ashton (@HeinekenStew)

WOW!!!!!!!! HOT. I can't wait for the sequel. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Amen Sista!!. Whew, unbelieveable sexy.Corrado has always been my 2nd favorite character,next to Carmine.

Thanks, love you

Amazing. Pure lusty hotness. Can't wait for the rest.

HOH MY GOD that was hot. Dammit i want to not shower with Corrado too. That was the hottest teaser ever. LOVE and want more.

*Fans self* Yowzaaaa!! Reading this in the laundromat and wishing I had time to throw my panties in the wash. I didn't think I could be more excited for the sequel until now. I can't wait!!! Thanks for the tease :)

Hot!!! Team Corrado Rocks!!!!

I wait anxiously sequel and more that we announce that your story will be published in Spanish.

Greetings from Colombia

Oh wow, that was AWESOME! The detail is perfect, and you can feel the emotions they have for one another. LOVE IT! I'm so beyond excited for the sequel! Thank You for the teaser!! <3

xx Blanca (@SexyStew_)

Super HOT! I can't wait for the book.

This scene is not only hot and heavy but confirms that Carrado's character is so multidimensional and brings the reader to sympathize and love him despite his flaws. I loved him "before" I love him even more now. He's so bold and feral with just the right amount of need. It it's possible, this peek into part two shows it might be better than one.
Thank you for the sneak peek!

Ohmigosh!!! I can't wait for the sequel to Sempre.....

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Wow! Love it!! Can't wait for the sequel!!!

I CAN NOT WAIT! I know it will be so effing good.

Corrado knows how to treat a woman. forget christian grey, I want me a Corrado!

Seriously I need this book ASAP!!!
Thank you for the teaser <3

I can't wait for the sequel!!! Thank you for the little steamy glimpse in the lives of Corrado and Celia.


Corrado lives? I so need the sequel so I can't read it. Love!

That was hotness.. I wish Carmine and Haven had the same steamy scenes when the sequel is out... I wanna see Carmine get down and dirty with Haven.. Thanks J.M for the teaser, I cant wait for the sequel to come out. The wait is getting painful every time I would read a new teaser. do you have any idea when is going to be out tentatively?


Wow!!! Totally excited for the sequel now :-)

*HOT* “A need.” These teasers are just getting me so much more excited for the sequel. Can't wait till you can tell us the name. Again, i thank you for the teasers! <3

so excited for the next book!

Wow, I'm in the middle of Sempre now, cant wait for the sequel. Thanks for the teaser

OMG I need me some Corrado loving! I can't wait for this sequel, I was thinking earlier today that I needed to dig out my copy of Sempre and reread it. I miss this story. I love it so much! :) As much as I love Carmine and Haven, there is just something about Corrado. That man is sexy as... you know what. LOL <3

wow. thanks for some corrado/celia time.

Because you're amazing. Gah, what did we do to deserve you??
And Dear Corrado,
I've always loved you.
Thankyou, lovely ;)

OH MY GOD. What was that? Savage. Two teasers in one day, i'm a happy fangirl, thank you! So excited for the sequel, can't waaait.

Rerereading Sempre for the 20th time, and this BAM! The wait is getting awfully painful. Also is painful to know that the star of the sequel will be angst with Carmine leaving, all the sadz.

OMG. So hot! I'm really excited for the sequel

This was so tantalizingly intense. The pleasure that they get from each other is just so beautiful. The warmth, the escape that they find in each others arms, the raw desire, the escape from the world in such a passionate tangle of limbs is almost too much for me too bear. I definitely loved it.

Love the teaser! Can't WAIT for the sequel to be released! Great writing as always J! Keep up the amazing work :-)

Carrado makes bad ass so inviting. Damn he's good. (Which means you're good.) More please, soon.

Love the teaser. Can't wait to read the sequel of Sempre :D

Loving Corrado for his bad ass was easy but loving him for all the small glimpses of his humanity and loyalty is perfect. This is the cherry on top. His intimacy with Celia allows him to show me just how complete of a package he is.
Thank u!

I can't wait for the sequel! I might just have to get another Sempre tattoo so the sequel won't get jealous, lol! Its so good to get a little glimpse into his humanity and ability to love. This is just perfect.

Awesome!! Always knew Corrado was a badass, now we know he's a HOT badass ��

It's incredible! Corrado is really a badass, but I love him anyway. He's such a strong person and essential to the whole story. And his love for Celia is so sweet and so intense.
I'm so excited for the sequel, can't wait!

Eeeeep! I need the #unnamedsequel NOW

I knew that he was a "deep water".
damn, so intense, so passionate, so goood.
And damn, I can't wait for the sequel. I need it. now. right now.

I'm so excited for the sequel! I will always scream my lungs out for the sequel! Thanks for this! ^___^

Oh please leave it in the book, it's so intense. And beautiful. I love Corrado.

For a teaser, that is a good one,"j'adore". I'm glad to know there willbe a sequel to Sempre Forever. I will my english librarian here in France, see if she can find it for me.

I can't wait for this sequel to be released. I will definitely be adding this one to my collection. :)

Too late for the contest but I have to comment anyhow! This book captured me right from the start and I ignored life for a day to finish it! The characters are so well-drawn that I know I will fret about their well-being until the sequel comes out. Beautiful story!

Oh wow! That was an awesome tease! I can not wait for the sequel to come out! hurry please! : )

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