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Meet Serah and Luce!

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As (I hope) you know, I have a new story coming out this summer titled Extinguish. I'm super excited about it (and admittedly a bit nervous)... it's my foray into a supernatural world after tinkering around with all humans for pretty much forever. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I truly think you'll enjoy it. I've grown to know the characters these past few months while writing, and wanted to introduce you to them :)

Serah, one of the many warrior angels, has brunette hair and deep brown eyes. She appears fragile, almost vulnerable, with her small frame and 'colorless' skin, but she's feisty and extremely strong-willed by nature. She sees the good in everything and everyone around her. Nothing means more to her than family and innocence.

Luce, the stubborn, sarcastic "King of Hell," is frankly rather bored and holds a grudge against his family. Sturdy and tan, he's covered in scars and dark marks that keep him imprisoned down below. He enjoys toying with people and playing little games, pushing the limits and testing the water, so to speak, to see how much he can get away with.

The two are truly opposites on the surface, but deep down, they share a common trait: the desire for more. Serah has questions... ones she comes to realize only Luce can answer for her. As they grow closer, all Hell breaks loose... literally.

Ahhhhh! *pets screen* So how about a little teaser? Yes? Fuck yes?

He inhaled deeply, tilting his head back as he closed his eyes. A coinciding vortex of wind gusted by, stirring the dirt and the bottom of her dress as it whipped her hair into her face. She brushed it away as the air calmed down, his eyes slowly reopening. "You smell like my brother. His scent is all over you. It reeks."
Serah stammered, stunned by those words. "I, uh. . ." He could smell it? "Look, Satan. . ."
"Stop," he said, the scathing tone harder in his voice. "My name’s not Satan."
She hesitated. This wasn’t going well. "What would you rather be called? The Prince of Darkness?"
"I’d prefer my name."
A hint of a smile ghosted across his lips. "You can call me Luce."
"Lucifer," she said again. "I just came here to ask—" 
"To ask me to stop the fighting? To give peace a chance?" He laughed bitterly. "I know why you came here, and you can just turn around and leave right now. I won’t have someone walking into my territory and disrespecting me, treating me like I’m nothing, calling me that filthy word like it's my name. You want to talk to me, angel? You want to have that conversation? Come back when you don’t stink so fucking much." 


This is just GREAT! I can´t wait fot it.

Oh wow sounds really good!!!

I. Loved. This. Book!!!! After Monster in his eyes I thought I wouldn't be able to find something to satisfy me and get over Max...but BOOM! This book was SUCH A GOOD READ for me I want more!!!!!

J. M. Darhower is a excelent writer. Lúcifer é um personagem complexo, cheio de nuances, afinal ele tem mais de seis mil anos. Parabéns, adorei a história.

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