Monday, April 15, 2013

P stands for Pretty

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Yes, you. You there. You're pretty. Is that a new outfit? It looks spectacular on you. Honestly.

Now that I've sufficiently creeped you out, I'll get to the point... the point of which is you. I mean, let's be real... without readers, writers are pretty pointless. Even if no one read my words, I'd still write them, because writing has always been therapeutic for me, but you guys are who truly make it worth it. Your passion helps fuel my passion. Regardless if you love my work or hate it, if you're indifferent to it or even on the fence, just the fact that you pick up a book/story that I poured my soul into and you give those words a chance, that you allow them to simmer inside of you, bouncing around your brain and maybe seeping into your heart, is truly a dream come true for me. So thank you. Truly. For taking a chance on my characters.

I do have some tidbits of news for you. Firstly, my paranormal romance novella has a new name! It's officially titled Extinguish and has a tentative release date of June 1st. That may change due to some publishing conflicts, but that's what I'm aiming for. A cover reveal and synopsis, along with a small excerpt, will be released within the next two weeks or so. I'm super excited about this story, and I KNOW it won't be everyone's cup of tea, so to speak, but hopefully you'll give it a chance while you wait on "The Unnamed Sequel".

As for Sempre, news to come soon that will (hopefully) explain the delay. I still promise it'll be released in some form by the end of the year. As far as a Sempre movie (something I still get congratulated on almost daily), I want to be absolutely clear one more time: there is no movie deal. There is no studio, and no script, and no contract, etc. etc. etc. There was a plan, and a hope, and there's still a hope, but not-so-much a plan, and definitely not a deal. And again, as I've said before, that's okay. I'm okay. You're okay. Sempre is okay. Haven and Carmine are okay. Vincent's, well, he's Vincent, and Corrado may or may not be okay, I can't really say. You'll have to ask him.

I do, however, know he's pretty. Really. Here's how I see him, in case you haven't seen the other 273554829873 pics I've posted over the years:

That's Italian actor Raoul Bova. He's very pretty. Right? RIGHT??

Now that I've wasted a few minutes of your time, I'll go slink back away to my writing cave and work on Corrado's story some more.


Team Corrado & Team Raoul

Some happy news for today is much appreciated. I like the name Extinguish! :)

I´m looking forward to all of your strories. I wish all obstacles goes away from your path. :)

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Thanks for the post. I'm liking Logan Lerman for my favorite foul-mouthed, smoking-hot teenager. Lol. I also like Bova for Corrado, but Goran Visnjic will always be my Corrado
Felicia/MzGemini1978 on Twitter

Seems you are as obsessed with Carrado as I am of Carmine. I love Rauol as Carrado as
he is who I always pictured as well. You after all created him, I bow down, thank very much. Also for Carmine, I never went too "teen looking" for him. He does after all grow and mature rather quickly and nicely. I look forward to all of your words however I can get them. The new book sounds awesome. Can't wait.
And I'm crossing fingers and hoping for Sempre to be picked up for the screen. I'd like a mini series on HBO or one of the cable channels actually. Yup, I can see this family in my living room every week.
Much continued success and keep writing, your passionate words are being appreciated.

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