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Sempre News!

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Soooooo some of you already know this, but a lot of you don't, so I'm going to go ahead and officially announce it:

*clears throat*

The rights to Sempre and the forthcoming sequel have been sold to Simon & Schuster!


Okay, okay... enough celebrating. This actually happened months ago but we've been sitting on the details while the kinks were worked out. I know, I know... sooooooo sorry to keep you waiting. I've really been waiting just like you. But I can now tell you that I have a beautiful editor by the name of Kiele Raymond who is hard at work on both books (yes, she's editing BOTH BOOKS).

Sempre will be re-released November 4th as an ebook with revamped content. ACK! Don't worry, those who already own it... we've worked hard to make sure the plot isn't affected by the srs bsns editing we're undertaking on that bad boy, so your copy is just fine *pets self-published copy*. It'll just be more tightened and focused when it's re-released (and may or may not have some extended content of the sexual nature... but yeah... MOVING ON... DON'T KILL ME... I LOVE YOU).

As for the sequel, it's slated to be released a month later.

Okay, on a serious note... I know some of you will be upset by this news. I get it. I do. This means more waiting. But the end is near! There is a light at the end of this tunnel. The sequel is coming, and from an amazingly awesome publisher I'm honored to be working with. The ebook price will not change, so don't worry, and I'm venturing to guess the paperback will be significantly cheaper than I could ever sell it for myself.

So for now, Sempre is no longer available for sale, but will be back with the sequel in tow ;)

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Seriously. I'm sorry to be all shouty-capping you, but I'm so, so, so very humbled and honored by your love and support of me and this story and Carmine and Haven. They're so near and dear to my heart, my mafia prince and his hummingbird... *sigh*

Oh, right... I have three self-pubbed copies of Sempre I need to get rid of ASAP. I'll sign them for you and throw in some bookmarks. Leave a comment telling me what you'd do for a Klondike bar, and I'll randomly pick three of you (via one of those randomizer sites) and ship the book to wherever you want me to (to you or someone else... I'll throw in a Klondike bar, too, if you insist, but it'll probably melt and fuck up the book during shipping.)

*throws confetti*
*waits for someone else to clean it up*


CONGRATS!!!! That's so exciting!!! Can't wait to re-read 'Sempre' and read the sequel. :)

I can't even right now! I'm so happy and excited for you! This is going to be great. Did you hear that? GREAT!
I want the ebook version of Sempre because SEX. And I can't wait for the sequel.

For a Klondike bar I would show up at your doorstep every morning with cherry coke and vodka.

Love, LisbethTejada

i would love to have a copy!!! what it the cost to send it to Argentina?
Another question....Sempre and the sequel, is there going to be a spanish version???
Thank you and congrats!!!!!!!!

OMG how awesome!!! I'm so excited for you and for these books! Congrats! And I'd fight in the hunger games for a Klondike bar if it means I get one of your books signed by you! <3 :D

EEEEPPPPP even tho I never read the FF, I still follow you on twitter (and never regretted it) and I am SO SO SOOOOOOO excited for you, honestly!!! And I read so much stuff about your book, only good stuff, I promise and I'd really like to read it but I am broke so what I'd do for it ... probably dancing like a maniac if I'll get it? Ooooor ... god sorry, I am SO uncreative. OH I KNOW! I'll clean up the confetti ;)

This is amazing news, darling! So happy for you. May you have all the success in the world. Xoxo,

Good things happen to good people...

Congrats on... everything!!
I'm so so so exited for the sequel, looks like the perfect Christmas presents will be coming <3

For a Klondike bar I would.... oh man, I would buy you 10 jars of cherries for the coke hehe

Sempre has given me The BIGGEST book hangover of my life! The wait will make it all that much sweeter. Glad good things are happening for you! You are so talented and definitely deserve it. I love me some Corrado! :-)

aghhhhh!!! i love you and i need the sequel sooner!!! And I would kick someone's ass for a klondike bar!

Congratulations! Sempre is one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing such a compelling, and beautiful story!

So happy for you!!!!! For that Klondike tweet stalk those 1D boys till one of them tweets you!

OHHHH this is fantastic news!

For a klondike bar I'd bring you a few toblerones, grey goose vodka, and make cannoli. -- yes I know how to make it! ;)

I know what I'm getting for christmas this year! I got Sempre for this last christmas, bow I can get the sequel this year!! WHOO HOOOO

This news just made my day! I don't usually buy re-released copies of books I already own, but I'm buying Sempre for sure. CANNOT WAIT. I wouldn't do much for a Klondike bar, but I'd do almost anything for a paperback copy of the book.

Congrats!!!! Just need to be patient now.
For a Klondike bar I would make you a homemade cherry coke. I love this book so much, was consumed by the fanfiction version.

For a signed book...errr I mean for the Klondike bar I would do EVERYTHING. And I mean it. Here, I clan the confetti you have thrown. You now what I would do? I'll fight all members of the La Cosa Nostra! See, that's how bad I want your signed book :)

For a copy of Sempre and a Klondike bar i would admit that i read dirty fanfiction to all my friends..something I have hidden for 3 years!! So happy for you! xxxx

OMG CONGRATS! I'd be happy for you even without the chance to win a copy of Sempre!

I've literally never HAD a Klondike bar (they don't seem to have them in Canada) so perhaps I should win on that fact alone - but to get one, I'd be more than willing to shout from the rooftops (and Twitter, etc) the fact that human trafficking is alive and well all around us, and that we need to shut that sh*t DOWN.

How's that? Oh, and btw, CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So exciting!!! Shared on Aestas Book Blog's FB page!!! Can't wait for this <3

I'm so so happy and pround of you Khar! :) I'm screaming at the top of my lugs I'm so happy, I can't wait for the re-release of Sempre and and be able to read the sequel. I really want a copy of the book, I'll do anything for it you name it I'd probably do it. What I'd do with a Klodike Bar is eat if is eat it of course they're so yummy!

Oh my God, this is amazing! :D Congrats, JM! I'm so happy for you, I can't wait!
I would reeeeeeally like a copy of Sempre though. It's not available in Ireland & I can't buy online so please, please, please I would kill for it, really!
Sinead (GiggleMeTimbers on Twitter) X

So happy for you!!! I regret not getting a hard copy now! So what would I do for one... How about post pics of it by popular landmarks in NYC? Or, get a celeb to take a pic holding the book? Or my give you my first born? I don't think you'll want that last one.

Congrats again! I remember anxiously waiting for the updates and now I'm anxiously waiting on your book.

SO incredibly thrilled for you!! All of your hard work is paying off and it couldn't happen to a nicer or more talented person. Congratulations!! :-)

Congrats!!! I cannot wait for the sequel. A signed copy of Sempre woould look mighty fine on my bookshelf!

OMG!!! I'm soooo happy for you!! Congratulations! Sempre is one of my 5 faves of all times.

You can have the Klodike Bar, I'm on diet LOL

SQA WEEEEEEEE <~ emphasis on both syllables!!! Congratulations, that is beyond fantastic news!

For a Klondike bar...hrmm it's been years! So ummm ya, I'd give up my nope, not that. Ummmm how about what I'd do for your self-pubbed version of the book?! For THAT I'd buy ebook copies of the orig and sequel for 4 friends when they come (back) out!

I don't even know what a klondike bar is we don't have it in Brazil creeeys so be kind and introduce to your fan *blinks eyes* But I sure know what crazyness I would to for those copies! I would drag you bugging jupping with me or jump of a cliff like Bella help lol idek man name it and I'd do it. I'm crying and so so happy excited and proud of you. Much love xou

CONGRATS on the signing deal! That's awesome and amazing for you, Carmine and Haven and well me -- because I'm getting the new Ebook when it comes out. Can't get enough of them!

I would love a signed copy of Sempre. It is one of my favorite all time books EVER. I loved it so much and made sure that everyone within shouting distance -- and beyond -- knew it.

Congrats again and crossing my fingers to win! <3

I am so so so so so so so (x infinity) happy for you! OMG. Congratulations! S & S have always been a very respected publishing house and I cannot wait for more of the world to recognize your talent :)
Best wishes,
Rose (aka ileftmyscar on twitter)

“Sogni dóro, mia bella ragazza,” he mumbled, closing his eyes. "Sweet dreams my beautiful girl.”


I'M SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER for the sequel, but I can wait a while longer :-) Congratulations on this fabulous news! I would love beyond anything you could imagine to get my hands on a signed, self-pubbed copy of SEMPRE! Puhleeeeeeze?! I would run naked down the street to get this book.....and, trust me, NO ONE wants to see that!

I'll be sharing this news on Swept Away By Romance's blog FB page ASAP!!

This is amazing news!! Congratulations :)

For a Klondike bar? I wouldn't do much. I'm not a big fan of them!! However, for oreos, I'd probably give up a whole day of reading (A WHOLE DAY. That's asking a lot of me).

So happy for you.... I would do just about anything for a Klondike bar....but I'd give an ovary for a signed copy of this book

Very very excited. I need this book. I never got around to buying it and would love a copy. I read it on fanfiction years ago.

This is sooooooo GREAT NEWS! I am really really happy for you!!!! I would very much like this signed copy with the bookmarks :) But since I never win anything I go ahad and say whoever gets them will be very very happy :)

So happy for you!!!!

Let's see, for a Klondike bar I would rub my husband's feet.

Michelle (aka @ProfessingRob)

SOOOO wonderful! Congrats! Well deserved too!

Congratulations!!!! What would I do for a Klondike Bar? I would beg PF to post a picture on Twitter holding a piece of paper that says "You were worth it" <3 <3 <3

(throwing more confetti!)
CONGRATS on getting signed with Simon & Schuster! how amazing! And it's awesome that you have Kiele going over both books for edits- yeah for awesome editors!

I'd love a signed copy of Sempre!! I saw Aestas Book Blog which lead me to your page (you're new to me.) I LOVE the cover of Extinguish and the cover of Sempre has me totally curious- can't wait to read it (hence wanting a signed copy to have to read now! LOL!)
congrats to those who win- and congrats again to you! ~Kimberly

Congrats!!! I would absolutely love a copy of Sempre.....I have the ebook but never had a chance to get a hard copy......You are awesome and this could not happen to a better author. I absolutely love this story!!

That is fabulous news!! Sempre is one of my top fav. Books. Hmm what would I do for a Klondike? Not much they are ok but not out of this world!'
Anyway congrats!

Oh crap I forgot to say what I would do for a klondike bar!! LOL

Well I would wear bunny ears, hop around on one foot singing Sex and Candy!!

Hahaha....ah hell, I just would really love a I would totally do it....LOL

O MY GOD! I would bow down and kiss your toes...well, if you were nearby...and, if your toes were clean. Seriously though...I FREAKING LOVED SEMPRE!! One of my all-time favorite books! If I won, I might even think about getting it those old baby shoes...but only if I could still turn the pages! Yep, that's what I'd do for a Klondike bar!

Congrats... that is fantastic news for you and the books! Cant wait!!!
And for that Klondike bar... mmmmm im 7 mths preggo that sounds yummy ..... oh for that or the amazing book I might learn to do pregnant cartwheels! :)

This is such exciting news. I can't wait to read it! My one-click finger has been itching lately but I guess I'll be waiting on this one.
And for a Klondike bar...depending on when you ask me, sometimes I'd be willing to give my first born, possibly my second born too since they both like to push my buttons and run through the house screaming!

It would mean the world to me to get a signed copy from you. EP/Sempre was an INCREDIBLE story, it changed my love for reading forever :) You are an incredible writer :)

CONGRATULATIONS JMD ......So proud to have been part of the support for EP and subsequently SEMPRE.. Iam very exited for the new released date and I'm soo glad that have achieved this success.i will post on my Fbook and help promote too :)
wishing u miuch sucsess,
Kathy from NY

OMG YAY!!! I'm so excited for you! Now I have to tell everyone I recommended it to to wait to order it so they can read both at once but who cares! *joins in throwing confetti!* congrats lady and I would do a naked cartwheel in rush hour traffic for a Klondike bar! Lol

congratulations!! great great story!! I would do almost anything for a Klondike bar and a book!
Renee S.

So happy for you I'm in love with Sempre and can't wait and am excited you now have a publisher I know that has to thrill your heart

For the Klondike bar I would give up all my Mommy free time when I have peace and quiet and read Its my only me time I get so you know how valuable that is

Congrats! I am so excited and impatiently waiting for the sequel. You are an amazing and admirable author. I would tell you every day how awesome you are for a Klondike bar. Is that a good answer? It would make ME happy. But if not, you could come up with something and I would do it. :)

I'm SO SO excited and SO SO happy for you, I love Sempre and I can't for the sequel, anyway congrats sweetie!

For a Klondike bar(& book) I'll come be your maid/assistant/whatever for life! ♥

I loved this book! I am seriously looking forward to the sequel! AHHHHHHHH! December is FOREVER away!

So excited! Loved Sempre and can't wait for book 2!
What would I do for a klondike? Anything you ask!

I'm sure you've given away your copies, but I wanted to wish you well. Your story is one of "legend" in the Fandom and I am so excited to hear of a sequel.
Best wishes,

Yay!!! I am SO exicted about this news, so very happy for you!! I cannot wait!

What would I do for a Klondike bar? Forget the Klondike bar, if I could get one of your books signed by you, I would do just about anything you said - and hope you would be kind :)

Congratulations!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!

For a Klondike Bar I would....give up all other forms of dessert. Especially if it's the Klondike bar that wins me this book.

Yes Yes Yes! I need more C&H's epic story! I need this like a fat kid needs a Klondike bar! Congratulations on the big news, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book...Merry Christmas to me!

I would do anything including bow down at your feet for writing the best mafia, lover story EVER if it meant adding this AWESOME book to my collection.
But seriously I would head on over to the Grocery Store, walk to the frozen section, grab a Silver box of bars & a cherry Coke, pay for them and once I got to my car...probably eat everyone of them. YUUUMMM..

I'd make cherry Cokes for an entire town and buy everyone Toblerone bars just for a Klondike bar and id go Corrado on everyone for a signed copy of sempre!

So listen. I stumbled upon Sempre and read it in one sitting. That's right! I even called into work. This book got into my head and has taken up permanent residency. I am positively DYING for the sequel. So what would I do for a klondike bar? Well I wouldn't die. You, yes you, have the power to save my life! I'm going to hold my breath until you tell me I won. Don't let me die! Ok here I go. 1, 2, 3! (I'm holding my breath now. Please hurry!)

Sooo happy for you!

And I have no idea what a Klondike bar is (shame on me) because I'm from Chile! but for a a copy of your book I would dance in a parking lot... naked hahahahah

Awesome news!
For a klondike bar I would probably do nothing... I'm a lazy fucker who spends most of my time in bed...
Anyway congrats to the Publisher deal thingie! :)

Congrats!! How exciting! =D Sempre is one of my all time favorite books. Can't wait to read the sequel. Screw the Klondike bar... it should say what would we do for a signed copy of Sempre and the answer to that would be practically anything! ;) Thank you for the giveaway.

Congratulations. So exciting. Would love a hard copy if the book so I would get you a months supply of cherry coke! Thanks!

Mmmm...klondike bar! Oh, sorry I got distracted by that deliciousness ;) Wow...this is very exciting news! Congrats to you, I know how hard you've worked on this story. All the best ♥

WOW!!. Congratulations! Sempre is one of my all time favorite books I have ever read. I am so happy for you.

I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD! I actually couldnt afford the paperback of Sempre, but i do have the ebook! So im gonna be saving my every penny for this christmas gift this year!

I had to google Kondlike bar, because we dont have it here in Brazil lol So, for my first taste of Kondlike bar Id clean Carmine's room all by myself, including washing all the thrown clothes, even without a certain prince's help ;)

Hi!! First, Congratulations on your Publishing Deal!! What would I do for a Klondike Bar, especially if it was the Mint Chocolate Chip or Heath? I would half it and share with you!!! Wonderful News and Thanks for sharing!! Fantastic Giveaway!!!!

Great for you, boo or me!! I hadn't gotten a chance to read this yet and it was on my calendar for this month.. :( I've heard so many great things about this book.

What would I do for a Klondike bar.. hmmm. I've never actually ate one of these, but I have seen all the commercials and know the song, so that's something.. but for a copy of Sempre signed... I'd get off my lazy rear and go out into the freezing cold (ok so maybe it's not freezing, but I live in Oklahoma - 50 is cold here) and 50 mile per hour winds and drive to the store and buy a whole box of Klondike bars and eat them... so in turn.. I'd gain 5lbs for a Klondike bar

Congratulations JM on our success!! I was saving up every bit of a money for Sempre and really wish I could have purchased the self-pubbed on time but I am crossing my fingers so hard for this giveaway.
As for the klondike bar, I will share it with you! ;)
alyssaxchen14 AT gmail DOT com

Congrats! I can not wait for the sequel!

OMG, OMG, OMG CONGRATULATIONS HUN I'm so freaking excited for you and cannot wait until they both come out in paperback =) And I think I'd sell my freaking soul if for a Klondike bar if it got me a signed copy of your book that's how much I love it =)

I am so happy for you! CONGRATZ!
I can't wait to read both books when they come out on Paperback! WHY IS IT SO FAR!

*I read paperbacks mostly cause I'm weird :P*

Wow! Exciting news! I love hearing about all the success fic writers are achieving! I would love to get a copy of the original book! I would shout it from the rooftops how much your book rocks!

Congrats!!! As for a Klondike bar I would go get it myself even when I live in another country, I would take with me 1 kilogram of Toblerone bars and a box of Grey Goose vodka bottles to celebrate this achievement, I'll camp outside the premier when the movie comes out and might as well start writing some good Sempre FanFiction stories ;-)

That's such eat news, I'm soooo happy for you!!!! I will definitely be reading the new version too ` more sex you say... no brainer. BTW - I wont do much for a Klondike bar, but I'll do just about anything for more Carmine, that sexy beast! Loved your book 5++++ stars, and can't wait for the next!!!

Congrats!!!!! so happy for you!!!!!!
I will definitely read the new and of course the sequel!!!!!!

Congratulations!!!! I'm thrilled for you and hope even more people will get to read your work now.

As far as the Klondike bar, I'm a sucker for ice cream (and signed original books).

Best wishes to you and congratulations again!

SOOOOO excited for you!! CONGRATS!!! I LOVED Sempre so MUCH. Cannot wait for the sequel been dying to read it. LOL. Thanks for the giveaway!! I really hope I win, would LOVE a signed self published one!!! <3

Can I just say OH MY GAWD!! I am so happy for you . I have read this story SOOO many times , I cant wait for more

For a Klondike bar ? Trade you for a bottle of Grey Goose :)

So, so, so excited for this :D Definitely reading the new version.

Aaaand what would I do for a Klondike bar in this 99°F I am currently experiencing? My firstborn. Or cut one of my boobs and sell it. Seriously.

This is the BEST news I've heard all week! Carmen N Haven are one of my top favorite book couples!!! Congratulations what a wonderful opportunity! I've read Sempre 4 times I'm just in love with everything about it! I'm just sooo excited SQEEEEE!!!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome news!

YAY! I would jump into a pit of snakes for that klondike bar!

As always I'm late to the party! woke up to this FANTASTIC NEWS!!!
I'm so happy and excited for you!
Living in Australia I have no idea what a Klondike bar is but I imagine it must be very yummy!
One of the highlights of my US trip last year was meeting YOU! I still smile when I remember our meeting, I said hello and you looked at me and said "you're Irene" gahhh still fangirling over that day! ;D
I'm so happy for you, you deserve all the wonderful things that come your way tesoro.
Irene aka FFpassion

I would jump up and down in a crowed mall Screaming I love you....for a klondike bar.

O.M.G, this news totally made my night. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to read the sequel and oh yeah, the re-released version of Sempre, too. I've no idea what a Klondike bar is, but I definitely need a bottle of Grey Goose to celebrate the good news. *grabs the bottle and runs back to rereading Sempre*

I've never had a Klondike bar... We don't have them here, but if it's anywhere as good a a Kinde Bueno bar, I imagine I would do very, very bad things for it!!
I am so excited for you and for the sequel to be released!!

Congratulations! This is such great news.Maybe now Sempre will be available in my country and I can get a copy yay! I don't even know what a klondike bar is but I would LOVE to have a copy of Sempre.

Don't need the paperback of Sempre because I bought one which I still need to wrestle back from my BFF. Wanted to say I am looking forward to having the Adult version of the sequel. (Missed some of the EP bedroom details in Sempre)

How stinkin' exciting! Klondike bars are icky, but I will happily take a book! :o)

Congrats!!! So happy for you. Sempre is a favorite book of mine. Can't wait for the next book. You're an amazing writer. I would join the mafia for a copy of Sempre. LoL =) Its that fucking good!!!

This is AWESOME NEWS!!! I'm very, very glad for you! I love it, when an author I love gets true&well deserved appreciation for her ( 'her'in your case, 'cause you're a gurl) work! Congratulations!

Not going to lie, I just Googled "Klondike bar", aaand I WOULD go to your place every morning and sing the only songs I know lyrics to, which are: Moves Like Jagger& Hakuna Matata. Yep.

Congrats very well deserved.

What would I do for a Klondike Bar?

Let me think....

I would get in a Mexican Standoff between Corrado Moretti and Vincent DeMarco. I would definitely lose and probably couldn't eat the Klondike Bar. So as a dying wish I would ask them to eat the Klondike Bar slowly as I watched. Yes them licking it as it melted and ....(DROOLS)

(Wakes up from daydream) What? oh sorry got lost in a fantasy.. a delicious fantasy.

I would play goalie for David Beckams practice shots for a Klondike bar!!! I have told many friends about this little book. Now more people will see this wonderful story I am so happy for you!

Woohoo! So excited! I would dance the macarena for a Klondike bar... and I don't even dance ;)

Yep, literally can't wait. :) but I will, because your story is amazing. I will definitely be buying the first book again.... And then eat a klondike bar while eating. ;)

Congratulations. Looking forward to the sequel. As for what what would I do for a klondike bar. I let you have it.

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! You so deserve all the good things! Gah so happy for you <33

P. S. Also I'm on the "i-dont-even-know-what-is-a-klondlike-bar-omg" ship, too! Lol

I have been following Sempre since it started out as fan fiction. I love LOVE this book! I have it on my e-reader and have recommened to numerous friends who are now hooked. We can not wait until December!! And oh I will be buying the re-release of Sempre when it comes out. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! OH HELL YEAH!!!

Congrats!! That's such big news! :)

Hmmm in this heat I would do a lot for a Klondike bar, whatever I had to (within reason, haha).

What exciting news!!!! As for what I'd do for a Klondike bar, well I'll eat it because I don't like ice-cream or Klondike bars.

I am SOOOO excited for you! I loved EP and read it several times; and loved Sempre even more. Cannot wait for the sequel(well I'll have to but you know what I mean). I don't need another copy so if my name is chosen please pass it on to someone who doesn't have one.
Congrats! :o)

congrats! so happy for you! and for a klondike bar I would ride my bike all the way to the states from south america. hugs

I love Sempre and even got my friends to read it. Being British I do not know what a Moodiness Bar tastes like. But hey we have amazing chocolate like Green & Blacks and of course Cadburys. So I will buy you all the Cherry Coke you want and a hamper of British Chocolate for a signed copy of Semiprecious and I cant wait to read the sequel.

I am not at all surprised. I'm over the moon happy for you, much deserved. Big name
publishing company...way to go! I look at it this way, new edits, means new twists and turns, and I get more of my all time favorite story, get to visit with my favorite characters and see what they do and say given the lives they continue to been given. I look forward to all your words, old new and yet to be. Bring it on.
Wishing you continued success!

What would I do for a Klondike Bar.... WHAT WOULD I DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR!!!!???? *inhales sharply* WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR!!! huh Darhower? WHAT WOULD VINCENT OR CORRADO DO!? Would they go out and search for that Klondike bar?! Would they kill whoever got in their way for that Klondike bar?! WHAT WOULD CARMINE DO! Would he be willing to change his WHOLE life for that klondike bar?! Matter of fact what would Maura do?! Would she have risked her life for that Klondike BAR?! Would she!?!!!!!! Would he? Would they!??? ANSWER MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Stares at screen and clears throat* Now that I have your attention. Hmm What would I do for klondike bar?.. honestly I'll walk backwards for a whole week with a muffin on my head .. I just really..REALLY want that Klondike bar and the Sempre book of coarse...aha! Welp ummm yeah BIG FAN! BIG FAN! I wish you nothing but success and no I'm not normal o.O lmao <33

C aongratulations bb!!!! Looking forward to the edited version of Sempre and the Sequel.

What I would do for a Klondike bar...I will twit Joseph Morgan everyday until he says hi to you. I'll camp for you to be the first in line in the One Direction concert, even if I'm not going. ;)

Congrats to you Dear* This is your baby, we love and support you both in all of your editions ;) Celebrating with you*** Much love and many cheers *xoxo*

I am TOOOOOOOO excited for this!!!

Congrats to you!!! I am very excited for the squeal and the edited version! and congratulations :)

For a Klondike bar I would try to find a store that would sell it but seriously I dunno what I would do. If it tastes AMAZING, like truly INCREDIBLY AMAZING I might not read for a week (thats a huge deal for me). But not a min more ;)

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I have loved reading your book (from the beginning) and am so excited to watch you succeed!! Bring on the movie!!

For a Klondyke bar I would listen to a Justin bieber song. But one only. Lol

YAY! Soooooooo excited for you!!!! I unfortunately never got a chance to purchase Sempre, but the ff version had me litchrilly ;) in tears! Cannot wait to read both books! You truly are a brilliant writer!
I'm not very much into Klondyke bars... but I'd do just a/b anything for a Toblerone! :)

Congrats!! Sempre is a deserving book. I happy that the great big world will access to your book via brick and mortar bookstores.

I am sooooo excited for the new ebook and sequel... I was introduced to incredible world of fan fiction with the epic EP and pre-ordered my copy of Sempre as soon as it was up. It is now very well loved sitting on my night stand!!! Can't wait for it to have company!!! You are an awesome writer, keep it up! Being lactose intolerant I would have to skip the Klondike but for a Toblerone I would give you my first born any day of the week!!!!

I saw that I won on Facebook. I'm so excited I was running all around screaming I won.

My parents asked what

A book sempre and it's a signed copy (sobbing and shaky happily)

They just had a blank stare and said ok that's great.

They just don't understand.

Thank you so much

Btw how do I contact you?

So excited for you!! pretty awesome I can't wait to meet a sequel. And what would I do for a Klondike an Irish jig while singing a tune. Hahaha!! Congrats bebe

Great news! Sempre is such a special book!! Congratulstions you totally deserve this success!!

I'm so excited for you. I LOVED this story as a FF & I love the book. I'm extremely excited about the sequel. I know what I'm asking Santa for for Christmas! I like ebooks, but nothing beats a real physical book that you can feel & smell the pages. Yes I'm acutely aware of the fact that I'm a total nerd. Lol
What would I do for a Klondike bar?! Hmmmmm I'd fight for you. I'd lie for you, walk the wild for you, yeah I'd die for know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you. (Okay again I know I'm a nerd but I love Bryan Adams & that song & I'd love that signed book)
for a Klondike bar I'd bring you toblerone bars and cherry coke & grey goose any time you wanted it no matter what time it is.

What would I do for a Klondike Bar? I'd wear a jumping Rob sandwich board to his next NY premiere... or maybe I'd just do that for a signed copy of Sempre. Either way - congrats again on your publishing deal.
- Dreamweaver94

Congrats! I'm so excited to hear this amazing Sempre and Sempre 2 news! What would I do for a Klondike bar? I'd challenge scary-ass Corrado to a fistfight! Hehe ---- Felicia/MzGemini1978 on twitter

They don't sell Klondike bars in the UAE as far as I know, but I'd read a million history books for one anyway. I loved Sempre THAT much. Yep, I'd also study Math for 10 hours straight, and that's saying something. Congrats by the way, you're a great writer and and and SEMPRE IS AWESOME. Ok. ---- If I do get chosen or whatever, I'm @HudsterD on Twitter, contact me there, I follow you. (Not to sound creepy or anything)

CONGRATS been waiting for SEMPRE 2 for so long but oh well I believe that *EVERYTHING IS WORTH THE WAIT*

As for a Klondike bar *Im not really sure what it is* (shoots self) but hey if it comes with the book *that Ive been wanting for so long since I only have the ebook copy* Ill do anything everything name it and Ill do it. *crazy self* :D

CONGRATULATIONS!! I want! I must have!! I've been wanting a signed copy FOREVER!! You KNOW there isn't anything I WOULDN'T do for a copy! (Or a Klondike bar!) Here is an example: I was at Walmart about three weeks ago, and there were 3 older men (in their Sixties) and they were walking around drawing attention to themselves, just being loud. We stood in two different lines and when they walked out, they each grabbed 2 Klondike bars. One guy turned around and offered me one! (TRUE STORY!) I wasn't going to say no! LOL
Anyway, congrats on you're success and I can't wait to buy both books!

Congrats it's great that so many fanfic writers are getting published. I would love to get my hands on your book so...
for a Klondike bar I would take a trip to the states because
can't get them in the UK. Googled them Ice cream, chocolate

Congrats that is wonderful news, and the waiting does suck but will be worth it!!! I would love love love a signed book but as you can see so do so many others *shrugs* so wish me luck in the magic randomizer that I will be of the few chosen ones!!! So very happy for your success, you deserve it!

This is such an amazing story, so happy for you and excited for the re-issue and the sequel!

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I would paint myself blue. Well... just my face. But yeah :P

Congratulations on such amazing news!!!


YAAAAAAAAY so happy!!!! I had to get someone to buy it for me in the states since I live in Argentina, I've had my paperback copy since last year but I don't think I'll be able to buy the sequel :( boo for that. But so so so happy for you!!!!

Hi :)
congra-fucking-tulations! you deserve it :)

I would like to thank you for changing my life with this incredible history,I loved it as a fanfic and I love it even more as Semprre.

I'm so sorry for reading it over and over again as a pdf, I know it was just wrong, but I'm from Arequipa-Peru and i don't have where to buy Sempre, not even in Amazon because I don't have a credit card , not even my friends have one and it is dangerous to buy on amazon or any online store if you are not from EEUU thats what i've been told.

I want this book because like I said it changed my life (in a good way) it showed me a lot of thing.. not only sexual things hahaha, It taught me how to survived ,to love ,to be happy and to keep fighting.

I know it's late for me to ask you to please give me one book, but the knowing of you reading this is enough to bring a smile on my face for my entire life.

I want Sempre so much that I would stop eating Toblerone (they are so fucking delicious!)and that'd be like taking my nails off my fingers

Sincerely from the buttom of my heart
a dedicated Sempre lover
Kimberly M. Begazo Carreño

->sorry if my english is terrible

I don't know what a Klondike bar is, but what I do know is that I love Sempre ever since its FF days. One of the most moving stories I've read.

Congrats on being published! I'll be waiting for December for the sequel.

Great news, can one pre-order the sequel? I'll be first in the queue. I'm one of those who'd love to see Carmine and Haven in the bedroom. I think as physical intimacy is an essential part of love, the bedroom door should not be kept shut, and writers (especially the gifted ones) should follow through. In any case, the story is wonderful and I loved the development of Carmine's father in the story, a very well sketched out character. The mafia theme is taken seriously and for that reason is very convincing, it's not just wall paper, as in most books in the genre. Now, I need to be patient and stop biting my nails until December.

Congratulations on the publishing deal. Such great and well written story deserves a big publisher and the exposure that comes with it.

Congrats! I would totally give you my fiance for a Klondike bar. I would love to win a signed copy, thanks for the chance to win!


Congratulations!! Can't wait for the sequel!

Congrats!! That's very for the Klondike bar, if its not the mint one, then forget it, but for a mint one, I will root for the Yankees for 1 game. But only 1 game. I hate the Yankees, so this is kinda big. Not as big as your news, but we can't all be published authors. So we live vicariously through your genius!
Is it December yet?

I love love love Carmine's sexy bad boy a$$!!!
I can't wait, I can't wait<~~~~doin the happy dance all by myself!!!!
Is Uncle Corrado gonna make the full recovery I'm hoping for? He is so sexy dangerous!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you for bringing my Carmine and Haven back to me!!!
For a Klondike bar, I would face Corrado head on in old western stlye shoot out.....then when he got there, I would RUN LIKE HELL<~~~~I ain't no fool!
Now.....what to do until December????

Wonderful news!
4th november ?? my birthday present it is then :D
Love from Germany

Congrats Khar!! I was always hoping everything would work out in your favor. I loved your story as a fan fiction but sadly never got a chance to buy it. Damn bills! As far as what I would do for a Klondike bar I would give it to my kids I can't afford those calories at the moment. Thanks for keeping us posted. I will be eagerly waiting to see if I won ;)

As an original fanfiction reader who waited for your amazing updates etc. I am thrilled for you! This story is so captivating and I'm glad the rest of the world will get to experience it now through the higher publicity of Simon and Schuster. I have never forgotten "Sempre" and still to this day will say to my dog, Bella, in my best mafia voice "Bella mia ragazza" LOL! Thank you for creating such an endearing and captivating story. When ever I hear a human trafficking story I always think of you and this story. The light you shed on this very important subject matter have made people more aware of this very sad trade. Much thanks!

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